Developing Leadership for Sustainability
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To address the world's most pressing problems
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Learning across cultures, sectors, and disciplines
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12 programmes on 5 continents

LEAD, Pioneering Sustainability Leadership

For over 25 years, LEAD has played a pioneering role in developing leadership capacity for sustainable development across sectors, on a global scale, to address the world’s most pressing problems. LEAD International has 12 Member Programmes around the world and subject experts across 90 countries, creating a truly global network of sustainability leaders. Our programmes forge learning that reaches across borders and engages different cultures.

LEAD Fellowship Training Programme

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Every one of our leaders is a graduate of LEAD’s Fellowship Training Programme, an intensive and demanding programme designed to enhance leadership ability, strengthen sustainability knowledge and foster the relationships that will continue to support our Fellows in their work. This cross-sectoral, cross-cultural programme has been at the heart of LEAD activities across the globe. Through our expanding operations, the LEAD network now reaches out to 3,000 individuals every year, united by a common purpose to make change towards a sustainable world.

As we look towards the future, LEAD believes in a world of new possibilities with extraordinary opportunities for innovation and reinvention. Individuals and organisations can play a critical role in building a sustainable future by changing the way we work, solving problems and creating value, and leadership is needed!

Forming Leaders

Sustainable development cannot be achieved without leadership.

Leaders equipped with skills for sustainable decision making ensure that we are able to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

By focusing on leadership, LEAD aims to shift sustainability from being an ‘add on’to being an essential component of all facets of development. We have firsthand experience of how individuals are able to challenge conventional ways of creating, learning and being, to become major catalysts for change.

Focus On Sustainability

LEAD's International Network

LEAD operates through 12 Programmes around the world.

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    Catalysts For Change

    The LEAD network brings together over 3,000 social thinkers, innovators and visionaries from all walks of life and all sectors across 90 countries.

    LEAD has actively sought to identify and nurture the skills of emerging leaders with the potential to become catalysts for change through our global Fellowship Programme. The alumni of over two decades of our pioneering programmes bring together leaders from business, academia, government and the civil society sectors, all of whom are working to make a better future at local, regional and global levels.

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    The International Session

    The International Session provides a crucial opportunity for leaders from different parts of the world to come together, learn from and with each other and build relationships that will encourage continued collaboration for years to come.

    The International Session is an important step in the LEAD learning journey. There are modules to develop leadership skills, while thematic panels cover various topics of sustainable development. Site visits are part of the learning journey to explore real practical issues being faced by communities.

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