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Becoming a LEAD Fellow

Leaders that have undergone our Fellowship Program then become member of our network.

When considering candidates for the program we take into account the following key knowledge, skills, awareness and values:

  • Demonstrable leadership experience and future potential
  • Knowledge of sustainable development
  • Commitment to sustainable behaviour in your personal and professional life
  • Willingness to learn
  • Self awareness
  • A commitment to the mission, vision and values of LEAD
  • Potential to become an active member of the LEAD Network
  • Ability to work collaboratively in cross sector culturally diverse teams
  • Sensitivity to the needs of others

When making our final selection we also take into consideration gender, age, cultures, and professional background in order to ensure the diversity of the network.

Becoming a LEAD Sponsor

Through the LEAD Fellowship Program thousands of emerging leaders worldwide are being equipped with skills for sustainable decision-making. We are looking to scale up our activities and we are keen to extend our network of sponsors in order to achieve this.

Fellow Scholarships
A lot of our LEAD Fellows would not have been able to take part in our program were it not for scholarships. We have worked with a number of organizations and individuals who have generously sponsored scholarships. In return for your generosity we would be able to offer you a branded/named scholarship.

Events & Training
We hold several events in all the areas where we work. These events would give sponsors exposure to new market opportunities, build brand awareness and provide access to emerging leaders from around the world. We work with a range of sponsors on all our events on everything from provision of venue and advertising to full sponsorship of events.

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