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Impact of Climate Change on WaterFollowing her book on the governance of lake ecosystems, LEAD Canada Fellow Velma I. Grover has published “Impact of Climate Change on Water and Health”. The book, edited by Grover and featuring submissions from over 30 water and climate experts, explores the link between water and health, and the way that the two are affected by climate change.

Changes in climate and their effect on the hydrological cycle can drastically affect the quality and availability of freshwater. Precipitation patterns, melting of snow and ice, increased evaporation, increased atmospheric water vapour and changes in soil run off can cause droughts in some areas, floods in others.

These changes in the hydrological cycle can have profound effects on quality of life, health, and food security. The book explores a number of case studies from both developing and developed countries, including the impact of climate change on safe drinking water supplies and global patterns of disease.

"Impact of Climate Change on Water and Health" is out now.