LEAD Brazil runs innovative climate workshop for Latin American megacities

Argentina workshop2From 16-20 May 2012, LEAD Brazil delivered a workshop entitled 'Collaboration and Innovation for the Climate Agenda: Dialogues between Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Sao Paulo'. The workshop was delivered in partnership with the Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales and the Instituto de Biología – Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, and was funded by the Climate and Development Knowledge Network.

Using the U-process (an action-oriented methodology) the workshop aimed to promote multi-sector dialogue between leaders and experts in different cities, and support collaboration and innovation in the design and implementation of projects, agenda and policies related to climate change. Around 30 participants attended the session, drawn from a variety of sectors including government, business, NGOs and academia.

The workshop was highly successful and participants welcomed the workshop's action-based approach to problem solving. The innovative and collaborative environment allowed stakeholders to engage with each other and discuss key issues, and fostered the development of cross-region and multi-sector relationships. It also resulted in a number of concrete proposals to help align the climate agendas of Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Sao Paulo.