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natureclimatechangeLEAD Europe Fellow Nick Harrison and his colleagues at Ecofys have just published an article in the journal Nature Climate Change, which sets forth an ambitious approach for tackling climate change through 21 major initiatives. These would collectively would be enough to 'wedge' the global greenhouse gas emissions gap by 2020.

The approach – called 'wedging the gap' - requires a new kind of leadership from a group of coalitions whose collective impact would reach far beyond current emission reductions proposed by national governments under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

This would potentially bridge the gap between predicted emissions trends and what is necessary to ensure global climate security. The 'wedging-the-gap' approach proposes combining 21 major global initiatives involving collaboration between a variety of self-motivated actors, such as individual citizens, cities, large companies and governments. Many of the initiatives generate significant 'green growth' benefits, stimulating economic development based on environmentally sound solutions and providing additional motivation to engage. The full article can be downloaded here.