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Today Lead stands at the forefront of leadership thinking and practice. We believe that people are the key to change and that the complexities of sustainable development can only be tackled by investing in leaders, to preserve and protect the future of our planet.

Version2 rio logoLEAD has won the popular vote to present Putting People First: Building Sustainable Cities with Communities at Rio +20. With 20 years' experience delivering world class leadership learning, LEAD outstripped the opposition gaining almost double the votes of our nearest rival.

Putting People First will be delivered on Saturday 16 June at SD Learning, a capacity-building event that is part of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable
Development (UNCSD).

"We are honoured to have the opportunity to host a learning event at Rio," said Edward Kellow, Head of Learning and Leadership at LEAD International. "That we received such incredible support for our bid is testament to the reputation of LEAD Fellows for thinking differently and sharing knowledge freely to inspire collaborative community led initiatives around the world."

In a unique course, LEAD will reveal how strong community links are crucial to building sustainability in the most highly stressed urban environments. The population of deprived areas is rising fast and is predicted to reach two billion by 2030. LEAD's interactive event will focus on some of the most deprived and intensely populated areas in the world, capturing the learning and experience of three outstanding LEAD Fellows who together have over 30 years' experience in the field.

"Having worked in some of the poorest cities in the world, it's clear to us that seemingly different communities can have very similar needs and values," explains LEAD Fellow, Leonardo Martins Dias. "Whether we live in the favelas of Rio, the township of Port Elizabeth or inner city Calgary, we all need to feel part of the city we live in. There is a deep need for people to have a shared sense of identity, history and place. Our experience, working in very different parts of the world, shows that community projects and local leadership are key to growing a sense of citizenship and promoting equality."

Focusing on people, the event explores how to make the 'invisible' visible, how to give back to displaced communities a sense of place, and how to enable the type of collaborative decision-making that leads to the creation and ownership of sustainable communities, the building blocks of sustainable cities.

The course will be delivered by John Lewis (LEAD Canada), Leonardo Martins Dias (LEAD Europe) and Anton de Wit (LEAD Southern & Eastern Africa) and facilitated by Edward Kellow, Head of Learning and Leadership at LEAD International.

For information, see the SD Learning website.