Merita DOLLMA Profile Page
Merita DOLLMA, is a scientific researcher close to the Geographic Studies Centre, of the Albanian Academy of Sciences, since 1995. She prepares scientific reports and studies concerning the environmental topics. She participates in projects and scientific teams concerning the compiling of the Environmental Impact Assessment report of different projects. She participates in national and international scientific conferences and seminars and publish articles in Albanian and foreign scientific journals.

She is the President of 'Tourism, Archaeology and Environment' Association, which is a non profit organization (NPO), a voluntary based and intellectual one, whose main activity is the evidence and protection of the archeological, historical and natural values of Albania.

She is part time lecturer at the Department of Geography of Tirana University concerning the environmental management.

She is fond of history and art besides travelling and knowing different cultures and people of the world.

Merita has a Ph.D. in Geography for Urban Environmental Management.
2005-2006 - Cohort 11