Daniela Anda MIHAESCU Profile Page
Daniela Anda MIHAESCU
Anda MIHAESCU is working as a freelancer for the ECOTEC Research and Consultancy Ltd. (UK) on an assignment related to the interim evaluation of the EU Phare funded programmes in the European Union candidate countries including Romania.

A graduate of the Bucharest Polytechnical Institute, Budapest Central European University, and Amsterdam University, Anda is a mechanical and environmental engineer with 15 years professional experience in business development, strategic management, marketing and sales management. Her working experience is related to the public and private sectors in Romania as well as Israel, Hungary, and Netherlands where she worked in the fields of quality control engineering and environmental consultancy. She has publications on implementing Environmental Management Systems at Otopeni airport in Bucharest and on the management of the European Union pre-accession funds ISPA and SAPARD in Hungary and is familiar with the legislative and institutional framework of the EU pre-accession funds Phare and ISPA. Anda is also a member of the European Environmental Management Association (EEMA) Germany.

She is interested in the 'grey' environmental field, namely projects related to solid waste management as well as wastewater treatment. In addition, her interests regard the implementation of Environmental Management Systems and of the Life Cycle Assessment and Cleaner Production techniques.
Edwards International Group SRL
1999-2001 - Cohort 8