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Raquel Maria RIGOTTO
Raquel Maria Rigotto is a physician, specialized in Occupational Medicine. her mastership was in Education, having as study object the actions filed by labor unions in defense of workers health. With the learning in LEAD Program, she has been studying the relationships between Work, Environment and Health, in the context of the globalization and the productive restructuration - subject also of the TRAMAS, an interest group of fellows of LEAD Brazil.

R. Rigotto has written two books: 'Isto - trabalho de gente? Vida, Doenca e Trabalho no Brasil' and 'As tramas da (in)sustentabilidade: Trabalho, Meio Ambiente e Saude no Ceara'. Currently she is a professor in the College of Medicine of the Federal University of Ceara, in the Northeast of Brazil, and she is following the Doctorate Course in Sociology. Her thesis is about Development, industrialization, and its impacts on health, environment, and culture .
Federal University of Cear�
1995-1997 - Cohort 4